CMMC Assessment

The Department of Defense isn’t messing around with cybersecurity.
Neither should you.

Arm yourself with a powerful GRC ally in the complex journey towards achieving critical, time-sensitive, and quickly-moving CMMC regulations.

Expedite your CMMC compliance
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The newly proposed rule has 68 CMMC-specific acronyms i

Not to mention the sixteen other cyber publications, standards, and guidelines i to be understood by Organizations Seeking Certification (OSC) in order to be compliant.

Asureti will help you understand the nuances and implications of each standard relevant to the Department of Defense.

That’s what we do.

We’ll identify what’s needed to demonstrate the maturity of your cybersecurity programs to protect CUI.

The DoD expects all businesses to be working towards cybersecurity compliance yesterday.

The date for cybersecurity compliance as a contractor has already come and gone.

With the rule being cemented this year, your business can’t afford to be left behind.

It may take 18 months for an OSC to prepare for assessment.ii

There’s no time to wait.

The Asureti CMMC Readiness Assessment

Understand scope, identify requirements, understand CUI, and rectify immediate and long-term risks standing in the way of your mandatory Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification.
Assess & Analyze
Asureti's CMMC Readiness Assessment identifies your gaps, and prepares a clear and timely plan for assessment.
Identifying gaps in your cybersecurity practice(s) and assisting you in quickly closing them to meet CMMC requirements.
  • Readiness assessments
  • SSP development and implementation
  • Remediation support
  • Mock Assessments
  • Ongoing program management
Develop & Train
Once POA&Ms are identified Asureti will help develop a remediation plan and will continue to support your team through training and long-term support.
A trusted partner to help:
  • Craft robust policies and procedures to align with your required CMMC standards.
  • Equip your team with the knowledge and skills necessary for CMMC compliance, and long-term management of your CMMC program.
More Than A Typical GRC Partner.
We Are Your Advocate & Audit Defense.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous guidance and support throughout your certification journey. We become a part of your cybersecurity and GRC Team
  • Multiple Compliance Efforts: Beyond just CMMC requirements we identify compliance needs across your entire organization. Asureti will simplify compliance and amplify success.
A couple people looking at an out of view computer screen

Don’t get crushed in the mad dash for assessment resources.

There are potentially 80,000 contractors serving the defense industry that will need an assessment.

There are currently less than 200 certified assessors. iii

Bottleneck incoming.

Get ahead of the rush.

Because without CMMC…You’ll be excluded from future contracts.

Your business is at risk.